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100HP+ Gear Boxes
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Gear Boxes over 100hp and Gear Boxes we use for
custom conversions
If you have questions or would like to order a 100hp+ gearbox
please give us a call at 937-242-6637
or fill out the box on your right and let me know your interests or questions.
The 01-034 / 75S / RC71 Gear box is horsepower rated over 100+ This box is commonly used on heavy duty 6' cutters,
some 7' cutters, and many "Bat-Wing" multiple gearbox cutters. Please see note below.

  1. It has a diamond shape mounting bolt pattern with 4 3/4" between bolt centers. (On this gear box one bolt hole is
    directly under the input shaft.). Some larger HP boxes will have 6 mounting bolt holes.
  2. The input shaft is 1 3/4" 30 Spline
  3. The output shaft is 1.96" 15 spline
  4. The gear ratio is 1:1.46 (19 teeth on the input shaft gear, 13 teeth on the output shaft gear)
Please Note: We have more 100 + hp boxes with a variety
of input shafts, Ratios, and rotation (CCW/CW).

Please call or use the inquiry box above if you have any questions

Note also: Gearbox colors may vary according to availability
75S / RC71
01-307 / 01-378 / 01-379
100hp+ gear Box
on an MX7 (top)
and on
a JD 709 (right)
Custom Gear Box Conversions
When you do your
Gear Box conversion,
we like to make sure you can
still use your existing
drivelines and blade carriers
John Deere MX Shaft Kit
Replacement gear set for John Deere MX5, MX6, MX7, MX8,
and MX10 mowers including a new output shaft, new ring gear,
input seal, output seal and rear rubber cap.

The gear on the shaft has 13 teeth, the ring gear has 22 teeth.
1:1.69 Ratio

Fits MX models with Iberica (Made In Spain) gearbox:
  • 13 tooth pinion with shaft, 15 splines at bottom of shaft
    for blade carrier
  • 22 tooth ring gear
  • New input seal
  • New output seal
  • New rubber cap for rear of gearbox

This gear set will fit in all of the MX boxes made in Spain.

The major difference between models is the gear ratios.
  • The MX7 has a ratio of 1:1.47. Gear teeth are 22 input and
    15 output
  • The MX8 has a ratio of 1:1.47. Gear teeth are 22 input and
    15 output
  • The MX10 has a ratio of 1:1.22. Gear teeth are 22 input
    and 18 output

With the MX8 and MX10 models you will need to order two sets
and rebuild both boxes.
Our customers don't see the lower ratios as being a problem,
they merely slow the PTO rpm's down a little.
01-231, 65hp Box on an MX5