75hp Gear Boxes
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RC61 / 161S
01-114 6-Spline
01-114S Smooth Shaft
The RC61 / 161S / 01-114
is 425.00
which Includes S/H
This 75 hp gear box is used on some 7' cutters, and 8' and 10' multiple gearbox cutters. Please see note below.

  1. It has a diamond shape mounting bolt pattern on 8" diameter bolt centers. (On this gear box one bolt hole is directly
    under the input shaft.)
  2. The input shaft is 1 3/8" 6 spline or 1 3/8" Smooth (Shear Bolt Shaft).
  3. The output shaft is 1.96" 15 spline
  4. The gear ratio is 1:1.46 (19 teeth on the input shaft gear, 13 teeth on the output shaft gear)
Please Note: We have more 75hp boxes with a variety
of input shafts, Ratios, and rotation (CCW/CW).

Please call 937-242-6637or use the inquiry box above if you have any questions

Note also: Gearbox colors may vary according to availability