Rear view
Front side view
Table of specs
Short model
Heavyweight model
Wheel kit
Water kit
Chisel Plows:        
Reveal 4-N-1 with Hydraulic Control
The Reveal 4-N-1 has the capabilities of four tools in one unit:
a chisel plow, a land leveler, a scraper box, and a pulverizer and is powered by your tractors hydraulics.
Reveal 4-N-1
  • Heat treated shanks rip the soil to the desired depth (up to 7.5 inches), this
    helps with cutting and leveling.
  • Reversible for double the service. Also Replaceable.
  • Shanks raise and lower hydraulically.
Harrow Teeth:
  • Two staggered rows of heat treated replaceable teeth to fine and aerate the
  • Teeth raise and lower hydraulically
Channel Blade:
  • Designed at angles to move the soil for leveling and to facilitate easier
    separation of dirt and trash.
  • The 4-N-1 pulverizes the soil or use it backwards to fill and move the soil at
  • Great for spreading gravel for driveways, landscaping, and more.
Pulverizer Roller:
  • Designed to break down the clods and rough soil.
  • Pulverizes and firms the soil making an excellent base.
  • The roller works in conjunction with the harrow teeth and is raised and
    lowered hydraulically with the harrow teeth.
Laser target detail
Ultimate 4-N-1
Leveling is achieved
with laser precision.
The wheel kit and
the laser gear
makes 4-N-1 the
most precise leveler
you can buy.
Laser kit
Contact: Dawson Jones, Inc.  Phone: 937.242.6637 or
To see the Reveal 4-N-1 in action, go
to the movie viewer at the bottom of
this page
The Reveal 4-N-1 was originally
designed with the landscaper in
mind, and many landscapers and
sod farmers are using the tool to
prepare seed beds and ready the
ground for laying sod.
The horse owners soon
discovered the
Reveal 4-N-1
worked perfectly to keep their
arenas in good condition, with a
minimum amount of time and
The Reveal 4-N-1 is the official
tool of the National Barrell Horse
The Reveal 4-N-1 is adaptable
to whatever type ground surface  
You can use it to work gravel,
sand, clay and dirt.
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