Big Bee SCD120 Pull Type Cutter
Rotary Cutters
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Big Bee Agri series cutter
Big Bee Rotary Cutters
Big Bee Titan Cutter
The "Agri" Series is available in Four sizes:

  • The Agri Fourty Two is 42" wide and weighs
    330 Lbs
  • The Agri Four is 48" wide and weighs 380 Lbs
  • The Agri Five is 60" wide and weighs 450 Lbs
  • The Agri Six is 72" wide and weighs 540 Lbs
  • Shear Bolt PTO Standard,
  • Slip Clutch $115.00 additional
Widths. It's features include:

  • 7" Channel Iron Sides
  • 12 ga. deck, welded all around
  • Single adjustable tail wheel
  • Gearbox mounting plate spans the entire deck
  • Deck reinforced with 2" x 3" tubing
  • 2 gearboxes available: 40hp and 60hp
  • 3/8" x 4" A-Frame 3 point Hitch with Floating Center Link
  • Round Stump Jumper
  • Cat 1
  • Type 4 PTO; Slip Clutch or Shear Bolt
  • Slip Clutch: $49.00 additional
Big Bee LW series cutter
The "LW Series" is available in 5' and 6' Widths
Each Cutter features:

  • Stump Jumper
  • Adjustable Tail Wheel
  • Shear bolt Drive Line
  • 40hp Gearbox
  • The weight of the 5' model is 440 Lbs
  • The weight of the 6' model is 570 Lbs
Big Bee Economy series cutter
The Big Bee 84" Economy Rotary Cutters feature the

  • 7' Cutting width
  • Cat 1 Three Point Hitch
  • Two Laminated Tail Wheels with height adjustment
  • 60hp Gearbox
  • Slip clutch Driveline
  • Stump Jumper
  • Safety Chains
  • Also available with 85hp Gearbox
A Full Range of First Class Cutters at a Fair Price
And Then There are The Big Bee SCL Models

Heavy Duty Cutters from 5' to 10', Built to handle the toughest jobs on the farm.
Big Bee SCL 760 Heavy Duty Cutter
Big Bee SCL96 Rotary Cutter
Big Bee SCL120 Cutter Three Point
Big Bee 8' Cutter
Big Bee 10' Cutter
SCL 96 Rotary Cutter
Big Bee SCL120
Three point Cutter
Big Bee SCD120
Pull Type Cutter
Big Bee 10' Pull Type Cutter
Big Bee SCL760HD Cutter